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Analiza impactului activităților derulate de voluntarii EVS în proiectul BYSC 2

craftÎn urma organizării diferitelor activități de educație nonformală cu copiii și tinerii din școlile și liceele din Izvoarele, Măneciu și Vălenii de Munte, am invitat o parte dintre aceștia să răspundă la o serie de întrebări puse de voluntarii Curba de Cultură. Interviurile structurate au fost făcute în luna ianuarie 2017.

Eșantionul cuprinde 261 de respondenți elevi, cu vârste cuprinse între 10 și 19 ani din comunele Izvoarele, Măneciu, Teișani, Gura Vitioarei, Măgurele, Drajna, Cerașu și orașul Vălenii de Munte.

Vă invităm să urmăriți, în atașament, analiza rezultatelor.

Youthworker’s manual – FEEL the youthwork!

Hi there!


We here in Curba de Cultură have been waiting for this moment for a long while. The moment in which we would be able to say “if you need any ideas for activities, there’s a manual in the library”.

This is a collection of activities that have been previously tested in real life conditions of youthwork and they are proven to work.  Even so, these activities are following learning objectives and they are proven to generate learning results. Be them in the sphere of attitudes, knowledge or skills, they are building competences for young people (and youthworkers alike) following our creed in youth work – whatever activities we design for young people these need to generate learning outcomes.

In our youthwork we generally use a participatory, non-frontal and relaxed approach that would bring our activities in the framework of Nonformal learning. Yet in order to maximize the learning outcomes we need to make sure that we also provide space for reflection for the experience that the young people have just gone through.  And that is why, along with each activity, you will find a set of suggested questions that you might use in order to create this context for reflection.

As youthworkers we believe that what young people do during their free time (while not in school or doing house chores) shapes their future in terms of opportunities, critical thinking and making decisions. That’s why we dedicate this short manual to all the young people that helped us become who we are.

You may download it here: FEEL the youthwork


FEEL #3 Training Course – Burnout Management in Youth Work – Video

Proiectul international de formare Facilitators in Education and Empowerment of Learners se apropie de final. Iata filmuletul realizat in timpul ultimului curs de formare, desfasurat intre 14 si 19 mai in Cerasu, Prahova.

Curba de Cultura is looking for EVS volunteers!

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Hi there!
Are you Italian, Estonian or Czech? Curba de Cultură is waiting for you. We offer you the opportunity of a six months EVS in Romania, starting from August.
If you are 18-30 and you are willing to work and live in rural Romania with other like-minded youth, in order to help the development of the community, drop us a line at until 23rd July 2016.

Main activities:
– promoting non-formal learning and volunteering through presentations and activities
– non-formal learning activities with children in schools and with youngsters in the youth centre
– organizing outdoor cinema nights
– managing the library within the youth centre
– organizing foreign language classes and cultural events
– writing articles and blogposts
– reporting and documenting activities

What’s provided?
– accommodation, food allowance, pocket money and medical insurance
– mentor support and support for activities
– travel reimbursements
– trainings and language classes
– lots of fun and positive energy

Schimb de tineri in muntii sLOVEniei!

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sloCurba de Cultură mai pregătește o aventură extraordinară pentru această vară! Cu cortul în munții Sloveniei între 20 – 28 august 2016!
Împreună cu Lojtra, partenerul nostru deja tradițional din Slovenia, organizăm un schimb de tineri în munții din Zgornje Jezersko la care vor participa 42 de tineri din Malta, Estonia, Romania, Italia, Grecia, Bulgaria și Slovenia. Tabăra va fi centrată pe comunicare, cooperare și lucru în echipă.
Dacă ai între 18 și 25 de ani, iți place muntele și abia aștepți să-ți faci prieteni de vârsta ta din alte 6 țări din Europa, înscrie-te pâna pe 30 iunie aici sau în josul anunțului.
Lista finală a participanților va fi decisă de motivația ta de a participa, de apartenența geografică (vor avea prioritate tinerii de pe Valea Teleajenului), capacitatea de comunica în limba engleză și de egalitatea de gen (număr egal de fete și băieți)
Perioada de desfășurare a schimbului este 20-28 august 2016. Costurile de cazare, masă și activități sunt acoperite de organizatori. Costurile de transport vor fi rambursate în limita a 170 de EUR. Urmând principiul co-finanțării, contribuția participanților va fi de 30 euro.



˝T.E.A.M.- Together everyone achieves more˝ is an international youth exchange organised by Društvo Lojtra– NGO Ladder, NGO for personal and professional development of youth.

International youth exchange T.E.A.M. will take place from 20. 8. to 28. 8. 2016 on Šenk’s homestead in the place of Upper Jezersko, Slovenia. The project will include gathering of 42 young people form Malta, Estonia, Romania, Italy, Greece, Bulgaria and Slovenia who will work and discuss the main theme: teamwork and communication.

The participants will face different challenges, designed to enhance their teamwork and communication capabilities. For successful implementation we will perform activities like: mountain hiking, discussions, working on the campaign for web platform Indiegogo, workshops, national nights around the camping fire, Yoga, orienteering hike, visiting surroundings and playing team building games and energizers.

We believe methods like: working in small and large groups, public speaking, role plays, reflections, sport activities, brainstorming, learning with active participation will help us reach good results.

We will be staying in tents on camping place at Šenk´s homestead in Jezersko, Zgornje Jezersko 140, 4206 Zgornje Jezersko, Slovenia (  Breakfast, lunch and dinner will be served in Šenk´s homestead and will mostly be local and traditional Slovenian food(!).

The campsite is situated on the meadow under the old ash trees with view of the mountains. Campsite includes facilities such as spring water basin, toilets and showers, small kitchen, tables and benches and common campfire place. Part of the campsite is also roofed area for animation on rainy days.

Each country will send 6 participants (5 participants+1 group leader) (gender balance: 3 male and 3 female).

Participants must be:

  • Youth from 18– 25.
  • Gender balanced.
  • Willing to cooperate in presented topics and gain competences.
  • Able to communicate in English.
  • Able to slowly walk 5h in nature. We will go on two mountains trips in Slovenian mountains.

You will need a sleeping bag, clothes for camping (for sunny and rainy days) and shoes for hiking. And be prepared to live for 8 days in nature; there will be only 2 showers for all group, internet might be a problem. Tents and sleeping mats will be provided by us.

Each country will be responsible for (co)organizing the „National Night“, where you will have a chance to present your culture – songs, dances, interesting facts, short movies, games… anything you want to show us! Please bring some national food and drinks, also a flag or any interesting materials you want to share with other participants. Prepare – it‘s your night

Reimbursement of travel costs will only be done upon full attendance in the Erasmus+ activity !

Arrival day is on 20. 8. 2016 and departure day is on 28. 8. 2016.

Each participant is responsible to arrange his/her own insurance for staying in Slovenia. We strongly recommend you to have a travel and health insurance during the project dates to avoid any troubles. It is not that expensive, but worth it. Also European health card should be good enough.

So… pack your luggage with a great mood and come to meet new challenges!