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Curs International de Formare – UP-Grade! in Ptuj, Slovenia

Curba de Cultura te invita la Cursul International de Formare – UP-Grade! in Ptuj, Slovenia in perioada 28 iunie – 5 iulie 2015 cofinantat de Uniunea Europeana prin programul ERASMUS+

UP-Grade! is a 7-day- international training course on learning methodologies and learning instruments in youth work. The training course targets youth workers and volunteer coordinators who are involved in general or specific youth work that involve different community stakeholders – especially, but not limited to, those active in the educational and volunteering sector. The training course aims to offer the participants an overview on the topic of Participative Learning and its connection to the youth and volunteering sectors. At the same time, we will offer the participants a series of tools which will enable them to get significant learning results as outcomes of their projects.

 to provide youth organisations with an understanding of the concept and practice of Participative Learning for young people
 to experiment different tools and exercises ranging in the field of Participative Learning for young people
 to touch base with intercultural learning in youth activities
 to create an environment that would favour the organizational, professional and personal development of the partners working in youth education and volunteering field across Europe
 fun, local discovery and structured free-time

 The main competences that will be gained are of course related to the topic of the training course, in others words skills, attitudes, knowledge and tools in the area of participative learning for young people, tailor-made to the realities and opportunities of youth work.
 The additional benefits for the participants and the partner organisations will be:

• self-esteem and motivation
• contacts, tools and resources
• benchmarking and feedback
• opportunities & support for active participation in civil society

 The training course will be based on the specific needs of the participants and partner organisations, and will be highly participatory. Diversity, e.g. in the group of participants, will be considered as a resource for the exchange and transfer of competences, as well as special attention is paid to the intercultural dimension of the project. There will only be few frontal lectures, the main part of the training course will be delivered in the form of practical sessions implemented by the participants in a learning-by-doing fashion, using the full toolbox of non-formal education and experiential learning. The trainers will take care of creating a supportive and safe learning environment, where participants are encouraged and coached while mastering challenges that contribute to their personal, professional and organisational development. The learning takes place both on individual level as well as in synergetic group processes. Special attention is paid to making the learning points of the training course relevant, sustainable and transferable, eg by producing exhaustive documentation and by providing templates for tailor-made development and action plans.

 We will of course use methods specific to participative learning, both individual and group methods, taking into consideration participants’ needs. Some example methods could be: group work, debates, open space, workshops, role-play, simulations, reflections, games, intercultural exercises, creative thinking exercises, et al.

This training course is designed for:
 youth workers,
 volunteer coordinators and
 people actively involved in youth work.
 Participants must be 18 – 28 and be residents in Romania
 and should be fluent in English, and willing and committed to work about 7 hours per day.
• Participating from the beginning to the end of the training course is compulsory, skipping sessions without specific agreement with the organizing team leads to expulsion from the programme and cancellation of the reimbursement of travel costs.
 The participants should commit to any preparatory task asked by the organisers and to follow-up on the training course through working actively in the youth field, (ideally) in co-operation with their sending organisation.

Pentru acest curs de formare Curba de Cultura ofera 2 locuri participantilor romani. Inscrierile se fac la numai la international[@] pana la data de 5 iunie 2015.

OUTDOOR SKILLS FOR URBAN KIDS in Litija, Slovenia, intre 9 si 16 iulie 2015!

Curba de Cultura te invita in tabara internationala OUTDOOR SKILLS FOR URBAN KIDS in Litija, Slovenia, intre 9 si 16 iulie 2015!

Profilul participantilor:
AGE: 17 – 22
GENDER BALANCED GROUP: 5 participants + 1 group leader
PRIORITY: Youth with fewer oportunities

– We will sleep in tents. Camping equipment is provided.
– Participants are eager to learn, be outside, connect with nature, use tools.
– Place to stay 1:
– Place to stay 2:

The idea of the exchange is also that participants will sleep in tents and changed the course of the exchange of a few sites that are distant from each other as much, that they will overcome by foot. We want to encourage active leisure time outdoors and thus also to social inclusion and active participation of young people in the society.
The phrase ‘outdoor skills’ applicants understood as skills that a person needs for the purpose of active leisure time outdoors. Is a broad term, but certainly covers the basic manual and physical skills, and basic knowledge about the area that surrounds us.
In this project we want to develop awareness of the importance of active leisure time during the school for a period of adulthood and through the activities undertaken to recognize the added value of carrying out a variety of outdoor activities. With this project we want to encourage healthy behavior by providing outdoor activities, as a means of promoting social inclusion and active participation of young people in the society. Social inclusion of young people will be achieved through methods and ways of working. The work will mainly take place in mixed groups where every individual has something to contribute with their work or knowledge. Participants will be actively involved in the process of creation and this also leads to active participation of young people in all stages of the exchange. Young people will also help formulate the reflective individuals who are actively involved in the company.
Through the exchange, participants will discover and develop their personal potential and acquired skills will be developed in sense of self-empowerment and self-esteem, thereby improving career prospects and employability especially in shortage occupations and improve the sense of initiative and entrepreneurship. Young people with fewer opportunities to develop basic skills, improve the level of key competences. All the time we promote non-formal and informal learning.

– Raise awareness of the importance of active leisure for independence (personal and economic),
– Participants will gain in social skills,
– Sustainable development: personal, social, economic (agriculture),
– The active concern of young people themselves (food, shelter), care for a sustainable society,
– Increase employability.

Exchanges will be attended by young people from 5 different countries, aged 17-22 years. These are young people who are involved in secondary education or after completing primary school completed their studies and are already present in the labor market. Each partner organization will take care of five participants and one group leader.
In 8 days the young people in the surrounding Litija will camp in two locations. The first location is a farm in the rural areas, where they will have the opportunity to learn about farm work and their main activity. Also, the participants will visit the surroundings of Litija and its natural features (river Sava, forest). This will have the opportunity to learn to build tools, flutes and other wood products. Will learn the basics of orientation and hiking, as they will during the exchange had an orientation hike Find your new home where they will be newly acquired knowledge can be confirmed in practice. So we changed the course of the exchange accommodation and we all settled on a nearby hill in a beautiful forest surroundings. Also at this location, young people will learn about farming and self-provisioning, but will learn some basics of working with wood.
Participants will be described with acquired competencies raise the level of awareness of the importance of active leisure, get to know which competencies are important in achieving greater competitiveness when entering the labor market, in particular, will raise the level of self-confidence, self-realization and thus greater social inclusion. In addition, they will learn about outdoor activities and the positive effects brought about by the active leisure and healthy lifestyle. Methods of non-formal and experiential learning will help to participants will be actively involved in the process, at the same time this will achieve greater social inclusion.

– The Youth exchange will take place in July 2015 in Litija, Slovenia. Funded by the Slovenian National Agency for Erasmus+, Youth in Action, Key Action 1, Youth exchange.
– Board, lodging, local transports, all materials and the content of the exchange are covered.

Inscrierile se fac pana la data de 15 iunie 2015 la international[@]

Fill in the GAP! – Romanian participants wanted!

Curba de Cultura te invita la Cursul International de Formare Fill in the gap – Curs European de Formare pentru lideri si lucratori de tineret care lucreaza cu tineri cu oportunitati reduse – in Saluzzo (Cuneo) Italia intre 16 – 23 iunie 2015.

The Training Course is aiming at giving youth from different european countries the tools to carry on youth exchange projects in the frame of the Erasmus + (KA1) with a focus on inclusion and active participation of youth with geographical and social obstacles in Europe. As follow up of the training course participants are supposed to organize youth exchange projects in various European countries and an user friendly toolkit to multiply the experience and competence at local level within their organizations and communities.

Aim and objectives:
The main aim of the training course is developing competences in project management of youth exchanges for youth leaders and animators active in their local contexts facing geographical and social obstacles such as rural areas, disadvantage suburbs, high rate of youth unemployement etc.

Participants profile:
The training course will gather young people (youth leaders, volunteers, youth workers, etc) that :
Are aged between 18 and 26 years (exceptions if justified);
• Are active in their local organisations/communities;
• Are interested in setting up international exchange projects;
• Are able to work in English;
• Are able to attend the full duration of the activity.

Cursul este deschis pentru un numar de 3 participanti din Romania. Inscrierile se fac pana la data de 24 mai 2015 doar la international[@]

International Study Visit for EVS projects in Poland

EFM1Between the 8th and the 14th of March, 2015, Curba de Cultura participated in an international study visit with 34 youth workers from Bulgaria, Denmark, Spain, Slovakia, Slovenia, Lithuania, Latvia, Greece, Italy, Poland and Turkey. The Romanian participants were Cosmin Catana and Ancuta Dan, both involved in our EVS projects. The study visit was part of the project “Mobility of Youth Workers in Erasmus+ Programme” organized by Europejskie Forum Mlodziezy, our Polish partner, under Key Action 1 of the ERASMUS+ Programme: Mobility of learners and staff and cofunded by the European Union through the ERASMUS+ programme.

The main themes of the study visit were:
‐ to develop cooperation strategy aimed at developing mobility among young people,
‐ to share experiences in managing projects for young people,
‐ to reflect on effective methods of non‐formal education,
‐ to introduce to the youth workers institutions in which international volunteers are hosted.

During our stay in Poland we had meetings with the the Mayor of Miedzylesie Municipality, the Mayor of Klodzko, the Director of the Sport Department of Bystrzyca Klodzka and some other visits with representatives of institutions where EFM is running their projects (Integration schools and public schools, kindergartens and high schools in Kłodzko, the museum of the region etc.). And we also had a lot of serious fun while learning different nonformal methods during the workshops! 🙂 Please see some images below:


Au inceput lucrarile de renovare!

Astazi, 28 iunie, au inceput in forta lucrarile de renovare pentru bilbioteca si centru. 22 de voluntari motivati din Izvoarele si comunitatile adiacente au inceput lucrul la ora 10.00 urmand ca astazi sa terminam de pregatit spatiul pentru reconditionarea lemnariei  si zugravire.

2013-06-28 11.06.06

Vecinii curiosi la inceput incep sa ne felicite pentru initiativa odata cu aflarea detaliilor muncii noastre.

Activitatea vine in urma recrutarii de voluntari in comunitatile adiacente timp de 3 saptamani in care Curba de Cultura a facut demo-uri de educatie nonformala si a spus povesti despre voluntariat.

Toate activitatile fac parte din proiectul “Bibliotecar la 16 ani” cofinantat de Comisia Europeana prin Programul Tineret in Actiune. Mai multe detalii despre proiect aici.

Galeria foto contine imagini de pe parcursul proiectului.

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