Curs International de Formare – UP-Grade! in Ptuj, Slovenia

Curba de Cultura te invita la Cursul International de Formare – UP-Grade! in Ptuj, Slovenia in perioada 28 iunie – 5 iulie 2015 cofinantat de Uniunea Europeana prin programul ERASMUS+

UP-Grade! is a 7-day- international training course on learning methodologies and learning instruments in youth work. The training course targets youth workers and volunteer coordinators who are involved in general or specific youth work that involve different community stakeholders – especially, but not limited to, those active in the educational and volunteering sector. The training course aims to offer the participants an overview on the topic of Participative Learning and its connection to the youth and volunteering sectors. At the same time, we will offer the participants a series of tools which will enable them to get significant learning results as outcomes of their projects.

 to provide youth organisations with an understanding of the concept and practice of Participative Learning for young people
 to experiment different tools and exercises ranging in the field of Participative Learning for young people
 to touch base with intercultural learning in youth activities
 to create an environment that would favour the organizational, professional and personal development of the partners working in youth education and volunteering field across Europe
 fun, local discovery and structured free-time

 The main competences that will be gained are of course related to the topic of the training course, in others words skills, attitudes, knowledge and tools in the area of participative learning for young people, tailor-made to the realities and opportunities of youth work.
 The additional benefits for the participants and the partner organisations will be:

• self-esteem and motivation
• contacts, tools and resources
• benchmarking and feedback
• opportunities & support for active participation in civil society

 The training course will be based on the specific needs of the participants and partner organisations, and will be highly participatory. Diversity, e.g. in the group of participants, will be considered as a resource for the exchange and transfer of competences, as well as special attention is paid to the intercultural dimension of the project. There will only be few frontal lectures, the main part of the training course will be delivered in the form of practical sessions implemented by the participants in a learning-by-doing fashion, using the full toolbox of non-formal education and experiential learning. The trainers will take care of creating a supportive and safe learning environment, where participants are encouraged and coached while mastering challenges that contribute to their personal, professional and organisational development. The learning takes place both on individual level as well as in synergetic group processes. Special attention is paid to making the learning points of the training course relevant, sustainable and transferable, eg by producing exhaustive documentation and by providing templates for tailor-made development and action plans.

 We will of course use methods specific to participative learning, both individual and group methods, taking into consideration participants’ needs. Some example methods could be: group work, debates, open space, workshops, role-play, simulations, reflections, games, intercultural exercises, creative thinking exercises, et al.

This training course is designed for:
 youth workers,
 volunteer coordinators and
 people actively involved in youth work.
 Participants must be 18 – 28 and be residents in Romania
 and should be fluent in English, and willing and committed to work about 7 hours per day.
• Participating from the beginning to the end of the training course is compulsory, skipping sessions without specific agreement with the organizing team leads to expulsion from the programme and cancellation of the reimbursement of travel costs.
 The participants should commit to any preparatory task asked by the organisers and to follow-up on the training course through working actively in the youth field, (ideally) in co-operation with their sending organisation.

Pentru acest curs de formare Curba de Cultura ofera 2 locuri participantilor romani. Inscrierile se fac la numai la international[@] pana la data de 5 iunie 2015.

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