EVS with Curba de Cultura

As you probably know Curba de Cultură is hosting six international volunteers in two Erasmus+ projects. Their role in the community of Izvoarele and in the neighbouring communities is to increase the sense of solidarity and support of the community towards young people and the issues they are facing using nonformal education and peer learning.

English class in Schiulesti How are they doing this? By organizing different events and by getting involved in the young people’s daily life. What’s young people’s daily life marked by? School, that’s right! So our brave young volunteers coming from Estonia, Poland, Germany, France and Macedonia are changing the perspectives of children and teenagers towards foreign languages. They are attending their classes, the make conversations in English or French, play games or solve exercises together in order to reveal the beauty of knowing more than one language.  What do they get in exchange? The experience in working some many different personalities, the positive energy and the love and gratitude of students and teachers.

The week which is finishing today was a very full one, with travelling between schools and getting there in time, catching buses in the last minutes and moreover having fun during classes.

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This is not all. Beside attending classes in Școala Gimnazială Traian Săvulescu din Izvoarele, Școala Gimnazială din Schiulești , Școala Gimnazială din Homorâciu they also go to Liceul Agromontan Romeo Constantinescu in Vălenii de Munte.

In addition to all these, every Thursday in Curba de Cultură’s Youth Centre there is a Cool French Lesson and every Friday there is an English Speaking Meeting, where everyone is more than welcomed to take part, to have fun and to practice their French or English skills, to have a tea or a coffee and to socialize.

11994315_10206647568482264_1575137726_nCool French Lesson


Liina, Ania, Sophie, Hanna, Kristijan and Franck are the six EVS volunteers which are making these nice things happen!


Proiectele “Building Youth Supportive Communities” și “European Youth Empowerment” sunt cofinanțate de Uniunea Europeană prin programul ERASMUS+.



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