International Study Visit for EVS projects in Poland

EFM1Between the 8th and the 14th of March, 2015, Curba de Cultura participated in an international study visit with 34 youth workers from Bulgaria, Denmark, Spain, Slovakia, Slovenia, Lithuania, Latvia, Greece, Italy, Poland and Turkey. The Romanian participants were Cosmin Catana and Ancuta Dan, both involved in our EVS projects. The study visit was part of the project “Mobility of Youth Workers in Erasmus+ Programme” organized by Europejskie Forum Mlodziezy, our Polish partner, under Key Action 1 of the ERASMUS+ Programme: Mobility of learners and staff and cofunded by the European Union through the ERASMUS+ programme.

The main themes of the study visit were:
‐ to develop cooperation strategy aimed at developing mobility among young people,
‐ to share experiences in managing projects for young people,
‐ to reflect on effective methods of non‐formal education,
‐ to introduce to the youth workers institutions in which international volunteers are hosted.

During our stay in Poland we had meetings with the the Mayor of Miedzylesie Municipality, the Mayor of Klodzko, the Director of the Sport Department of Bystrzyca Klodzka and some other visits with representatives of institutions where EFM is running their projects (Integration schools and public schools, kindergartens and high schools in Kłodzko, the museum of the region etc.). And we also had a lot of serious fun while learning different nonformal methods during the workshops! 🙂 Please see some images below:


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