Know More Involve More – Seminar in Albena

1The project “Know More – Involve More” gathered 37 young people from 9 countries in Albena, Bulgaria with the support of Erasmus+ Programme.  The Seminar “Know More – Involve More” had a great focus on discussing and analysis of best practices that could lead to long-term impact for youth activities and could develop strong network of practitioners, involving youth workers as participants and also NGOs from the community to an open and constructive dialogue about the power of education for youth through life long learning programs.

The participants had the opportunity of sharing, stimulated by interactive exercises, study cases of best practices, workshops for designing activities with long term impact, meeting the local NGO environment and interacting with youth from Bulgaria. At the end of the seminar they all developed partnerships with topics of interest for their organizations and fields of actions.

3The methods used in the seminar were focused on interactivity and proactive approach mixed with non-formal exercises. The main activity of the project was a seminar, and by definition this was more for sharing, structuring and restructuring information, analysis, reflection, designing new methods and projects.

The focus of the seminar was cooperation and co-working in order to find new and diverse ways of mixing and adapting methods and projects to different context of learning for youth and youth workers. The partner organizations had the opportunity to develop topics such as:  responsible consumption, healthy fun for young people, forum theatre, youth work standards, camps and volunteering for youth, ethnic communities, empowering young women.

2They also debated different aspects of youth work: ethics in youth work, the efficient youth worker, maximizing learning outcomes and results in youth programs, finding balance between work and personal life, how much a youth worker has roles of project manager and educator, generating impact with youth projects and programs. The participants had the great opportunity to receive the visit of two very well known organizations from Varna and compare different approaches and get in contact with the local community to see how the projects are put into practice and how young people are activated. This seminar was nevertheless a starting point for cooperation in the field of Youth among the participating countries and built the first steps in developing new partnership.

Last but not least, two professional and highly experienced youth workers from Romania – Carmen Marcu and Cosmin Catană from Curba de Cultură Youth NGO – facilitated the training course.

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