United in Arts and Crafts 2 – presentation video

United in Arts and Crafts 2 is a follow up of the project sharing the same name run by young people in Curba de Cultura in 2013. The project is a youth exchange that brought together 28 young people from Romania, Estonia, Croatia and Former Yugoslavic Republic of Macedonia from April 14th to the 24th in Cerasu village in Romania. The project theme was ethnic and national discrimination and will involve the young people in debates around the topic of discrimination and traditional crafts in the area: horseshoe making, basket weaving, woolen carpet weaving and traditional coolinary workshops – cheese making. During the Exchange the participants organized a Living Library in the nearest town (Valenii de Munte) aiming on raising awareness on discrimination towards the roma in the midst of the local community.

The project was cofunded by the ERASMUS+ Programme of the European Union.