Youthworker’s manual – FEEL the youthwork!

Hi there!


We here in Curba de Cultură have been waiting for this moment for a long while. The moment in which we would be able to say “if you need any ideas for activities, there’s a manual in the library”.

This is a collection of activities that have been previously tested in real life conditions of youthwork and they are proven to work.  Even so, these activities are following learning objectives and they are proven to generate learning results. Be them in the sphere of attitudes, knowledge or skills, they are building competences for young people (and youthworkers alike) following our creed in youth work – whatever activities we design for young people these need to generate learning outcomes.

In our youthwork we generally use a participatory, non-frontal and relaxed approach that would bring our activities in the framework of Nonformal learning. Yet in order to maximize the learning outcomes we need to make sure that we also provide space for reflection for the experience that the young people have just gone through.  And that is why, along with each activity, you will find a set of suggested questions that you might use in order to create this context for reflection.

As youthworkers we believe that what young people do during their free time (while not in school or doing house chores) shapes their future in terms of opportunities, critical thinking and making decisions. That’s why we dedicate this short manual to all the young people that helped us become who we are.

You may download it here: FEEL the youthwork